Information is the key to our new version. Sales are listed by Year, Month, Day, Hour, Salesperson, Cashier, Vendor, Category or Customer. Find who, where, and when your sales are at their highest and lowest. Other reports give detailed breakdowns of every product by a Vendor or Category. See the cost, profit and sales in detail with a single click. Find out who's the top salesperson at a glance. What's the best cities or zip codes? Instantly find out if products are being sold below your set margins. Our POS software gives the power to you, the power to run your business at top efficiency.

Network Compatible
ezPower POS Network works with all networks. Connect as many registers as you need. Maintain a single inventory with password security allowing only the manager access to reports and price changing.
* The network version requires some knowledge of file sharing and any anti-virus or firewall software that may be on your computers.

Software will work with Windows 7, and Windows 8.1

Some General Features
Track Waiter Sales
Print Orders to Kitchen
Print Drinks to Bar
Touch Screen Operation
Scanner or Keyboard
Low Margin Warnings
Inventory Order Estimator
Enhanced Reports
Expanded Customer Info
Inventory Control
Manpower Planning
Automatic Tax Rates
Automatic Discounts
Partial Danish, Spainish
Sales Commission
Recipe Manager
Multiple Restaurant Menus
Split Payments
Split Tickets
Take Reservations
Track Tables and Tips
Edit Closed Invoices
Company Logo on Ticket
Unlimited Mailing List
Build Plates from sides
Club or Member Discounts
Comments on Receipts
Private Sale Comments
Bad Check Tracking
Multiple Open Sales
Product & Logo Pictures

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Each operates with a bar code scanner, keyboard and mouse. Our General Retail interface allows you to use a Touch Screen monitor or a regular monitor with a mouse. The graphical display makes ringing up sales fast and easy for you and your employees. Ring up sales by scanning a bar code, a click of the mouse or a touch of your finger (Touch Screen). Your items are automatically arranged by category.

This software comes in two version Retail and Restaurant. Restaurant version can be adopted to fast food, pizza store, coffee shop, sit-down dinner, bars, takeout and others.

If you are looking for point of sale software for your Restaurant then you need to consider ours. Our Restaurant POS software is designed with ease of use as the highest priority. We have an idea, that POS software is too complicated and we have listened to what our customers have told us, incorporating the features you want and keeping it simple.

POS Software - (Restaurant) No Monthly Fee's

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